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Just your every day, average gun enthusiast. The First and Second Amendment live here.

Welcome to is home to the Popular My Gun Diary blog, YouTube Channel and more. We are strong supporters of the First and Second Amendments and believe that these freedoms have been hard-earned and should be enjoyed by all without infringement. 

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Here's a higher quality upload of our intro for "Straight Shooting" ...

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Come be part of our live studio audience for the premier episode of "Straight Shooting" firearms talk show hosted by Felix Mena and Scott Drake. When: this coming Monday July 24th at 7pm. Where: Drake Fine Sporting Arms of El Paso. 4000 N. Mesa St. What: Felix and Scott are producing an entertaining firearms talk show for YouTube and we'd love for you to come enjoy the show as part of our studio audience! The show will be broadcast live on and uploaded to YouTube as well. ...

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J. Scott Drake of Drake Fine Sporting Arms gives a long range shooting class in the conference room at his gun store. ...

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Best of the Day ...

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Staff Sgt. Felix Mena, owner/producer of

About Me

I am Staff Sergeant Felix Mena, US Army Fire Direction Specialist for the Multiple Launch Rocket System. I am currently on active duty assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas. I started My Gun Diary as a blog while on deployment in Kuwait, as a way to kill time and stay productive. It's grown into a wide network which includes a full compliment of social media platforms as well as the YouTube channel. 

I started shooting and collecting firearms back around 2005, when I lived in Arizona. My first time on the range was at the Beautiful Scottsdale Gun Club. A former employer presented me with my first firearm, an AR15, as a Christmas bonus! I've been hooked on shooting ever since.

I enjoy all types of firearms, but my main interests are in sporting arms, military surplus and handguns. I also enjoy shotguns (i.e. shooting skeet and trap) and have a few in my collection.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you'll bookmark it and come back because there's always something new!